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New Zealand, The image we have around the world is of a clean and green environment.

Our natural health supplements are researched, formulated and tested to ensure they help you do your thing at 100%.

Today Kiwi Natural continues that vision by researching and selecting sources of natural ingredients, carefully tending and harvesting them to preserve their purity.


Propolis in its Most Pure and Potent Form. With clever science the powerful compounds within Propolis are identified and measured

Scientific evidence suggests that intake of propolis can support Immune system function. As well as being a powerful natural antioxidant providing protection from free radical damage.

Traditional evidence suggests the propolis may help
| Antimicrobial – May help with upper respiratory tract infections and skin infections.
| Anaesthetic – Relieve sore throats and/or other mouth and throat infections.
| Wound healing – May assist healing of minor wounds and soothe minor skin disorders.

A natural antioxidant produced by trees, Propolis acts as nature’s best defense to protect and heal.

We mimic the clever bees by collecting Propolis from our hives, using it as a key ingredient in many of our natural health products.
Prevention is the best way to avoid winter problems. Strengthening your immune system with the help of natural products can help maintain winter wellness & protect from fine dust pollution.

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